Intimate wedding and elopement photography for the laid-back lovers

zach and jordan panzeca celebrating with their clients during a wedding

Documenting small, intimate weddings and elopements for the laid-back lovers

your husband + wife team travel team out of Cincinnati, OH.


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21c hotel museum cincinnati

How To Not Choose Your Bridal Party

April 29, 2022

We know that not having a bridal party sounds like a wild idea but after being a part of so many different peoples wedding days it is hard not to explore the idea of what it would look like to adjust tradition. We know that this read might sound a tad bitter to bridal parties but know that we love offering you perspective. 

Your wedding day, your rules right?

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a couple walking across the street after eloping at city hall in downtown Cincinnati ohio

For The Unconventional Couple

February 2, 2022
I still vividly remember what it was like the day we toured one of the first venues we thought we wanted to get married in. 
It was a fairly empty and cold barn. It had lights strung most likely from the wedding that previous weekend. It was a venue that was very “for the times” if you will. Something that was very much a blank slate. Next up was an old church that truly was stunning. The building was historic and had stain glass that made me swoon. But when we walked down the aisle and up on to the stage where we were to stand and read our vows, I began to feel like we were just there to put on one big, very expensive show. 
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alternative couple eloping at historic courthouse in downtown cincinnati, oh.

Alternative Elopement at Historic Courthouse in Downtown Cincinnati

May 4, 2022

When we think about what a wedding should look like we seem to instantly think white and pristine. The day should be organized down to the minute to keep the day on schedule per the timeline. But let's go ahead and show you what your day could look like if you decided to strip all of the extra "organized" chaos away. 

It might just make your day that much more special. 

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couple with their daughter during wedding ceremony

"LOVE LOVE LOVE x1,000."

Jordan and Zach are PHENOMINAL!! We had a family shoot with our toddler and anyone with kids knows they are not always the easiest to photograph, but they did so amazing with her and were so incredibly patient. I can't express enough how thankful we are for their wonderful work and we will definitely be using their services again for our *wink wink* wedding

*UPDATE* We got married and Zach and Jordan took our engagement and wedding photos as well!!! Just beyond. Every session, I swear they get better! Thank you guys <3


woman and man dancing in black and white a their wedding


They are encouraging the whole time and they work so well together. They both contribute ideas equally and they listen so well to each other so that you end up with two beautiful perspectives that shine through in the end but still mesh together.


couple standing in front of bar called sundry and vice in black and white


I first started working with Jordan and Zach when I was looking for someone to help capture the moment when I proposed, and a short session afterwards. They not only did that, but more...

Jordan and her friendly nature made quick work of that fear, making us feel comfortable and at home - something that shines through in our photos from the day. After this experience, and the amazing photos from it, we knew right away that we wanted them to capture our wedding. Most importantly, we now view Jordan and Zach not just as our photographers, but our friends.

They are the sweetest people with the biggest hearts, and are SO talented at their craft. We can't wait for our big day and for them to be there with us!


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