21c hotel museum cincinnati

How To Not Choose Your Bridal Party

April 29, 2022

We know that not having a bridal party sounds like a wild idea but after being a part of so many different peoples wedding days it is hard not to explore the idea of what it would look like to adjust tradition. We know that this read might sound a tad bitter to bridal parties but know that we love offering you perspective. 

Your wedding day, your rules right?

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a couple walking across the street after eloping at city hall in downtown Cincinnati ohio

For The Unconventional Couple

February 2, 2022
I still vividly remember what it was like the day we toured one of the first venues we thought we wanted to get married in. 
It was a fairly empty and cold barn. It had lights strung most likely from the wedding that previous weekend. It was a venue that was very “for the times” if you will. Something that was very much a blank slate. Next up was an old church that truly was stunning. The building was historic and had stain glass that made me swoon. But when we walked down the aisle and up on to the stage where we were to stand and read our vows, I began to feel like we were just there to put on one big, very expensive show. 
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alternative couple eloping at historic courthouse in downtown cincinnati, oh.

Alternative Elopement at Historic Courthouse in Downtown Cincinnati

May 4, 2022

When we think about what a wedding should look like we seem to instantly think white and pristine. The day should be organized down to the minute to keep the day on schedule per the timeline. But let's go ahead and show you what your day could look like if you decided to strip all of the extra "organized" chaos away. 

It might just make your day that much more special. 

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an engaged couple at their engagement session at northside bar outside of downtown cincinnati ohio

An Arcade Bar Inspired Engagement Session

May 4, 2022

We are seriously beyond lucky to work with amazing couples. Brittany and Andy were no different and when they wanted to add in their own unique take on their engagement session we were so excited to make it all come to life for them. Along with giving a huge shoutout to Arcade Legacy : Bar Edition for inviting us into their space with open arms but also thank you to Brittany and Andy for inspiring us to do something new, ourselves. 

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man and woman holding hands at Coppins restaurant inside of Hotel Covington

A Hotel Covington Anniversary Session | One Year Later

April 13, 2022

On the morning of their wedding, Anna and Joey enjoyed brunch at Coppin's Restaurant located inside Hotel Covington. Naturally, they decided to celebrate their one year anniversary by revisiting the spot their wedding day began. These two are always a pleasure and we never not leave them with smiles on our faces.

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cincinnati bride waiting to walk down the aisle at Ault Park in Mt. Lookout

Cincinnati Wedding at Ault Park in Mt. Lookout

April 6, 2022

Stephanie and Corey were amongst their closest family and friends as they were married by their bff at their Autumn minimony on the lush lawn of Ault Park. Their sweet daughter Shiloh stood up their with her parents as they read their vows which was an extra special touch to the day for them.

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