Woman in dress and man running with dog

Emily & Steven's Sun Soaked Engagement

November 6, 2020  |  Engagements

Up on a far off hill in the middle of nowhere, Zach and I got to spend some precious time with Emily and Steven celebrating their engagement. Champagne was popped, making-out absolutely happened and it was freaking magic. Enjoy

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Woman holding a camera

For the Creative Wannabe by Jordan

May 14, 2020  |  Engagements

I was always a book person. I relied heavily on the facts and never tended to stray from doing what was expected of me. I did things as I was supposed to. I graduated, found a stable career, fell in love, got married to my literal soul mate and now I am here in this disheveled life and all I want to do is make something beautiful. “It's tough, we constantly are looking for a way to express ourselves and as soon as we feel inspired we are afraid that feeling of inspiration will dissipate faster than it arrived”.

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couple at the altar getting married at The Madison in Covington KY.

Weddings with a Side of Anxiety

May 9, 2020  |  Personal

When I tell you that I had nightmare after nightmare about everything going wrong at our wedding, please believe me. From forgetting to write my vows to not being able to find my wedding gown, my mind thought of everything under the sun that could go wrong. I would be lying if I said that

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couple at altar

6 Things to Keep in Mind While Building Your Wedding Day Timeline - For Couples

April 19, 2020  |  Engagements

Creating a solid wedding day timeline can allow you to really be present during your day. These things will get you thinking as you put all those little pieces together. Remember - your day does not have to be the most perfect day. Oops, I said it but that kind of pressure just isn't necessary. It can be as seamless and joyful as possible, which is exactly how we intend for it to be for you both. 

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couple kissing in black and white in Littleton CO.

There Are 700,000 Others

January 15, 2020  |  Personal

Now I am no mathematician but I know we can all agree that sometimes we feel like we are drowning in an over saturated market. Every where we turn and point our cameras we come face to face with someone new that is branding themselves as a wedding, family, or couples photographer. How in the hell are we supposed to compete? How do we set ourselves apart? Well I’m gonna tell you how.

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bride straightening her necklace

Gone Are the Days that I Hang Up Your Wedding Gown

December 19, 2019  |  Personal

I was listening to a podcast by a wonderful wedding photographer, Sara Monika who was explaining the transformation her life took over a 9 year span of time as she built her photography business. Building her business consisted of one thing that sang to me so fiercely, and that one thing was to truly photograph

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