An Arcade Bar Inspired Engagement Session

May 4, 2022

Brittany + Andy

part one | Arcade Legacy : Bar Edition

Here is the really fun and amazing thing about your engagement session. It’s that it is yours.

As much as we preach that wedding days are to be yours and yours only – we know that sometimes they tend to have additional unsolicited opinions.


Your engagement session, which if you book with us – is our wedding gift to you, should be a time for you to both express yourselves however you want.


If you have ever been in front of our camera you already know we take a very free-spirited approach to your time with us. We really try to let you guide the session well before it even begins.


One of the most important concepts we have incorporated into how we learn about our couples is we don’t automatically assume they want to have their engagement session outside anymore. If you take away that really simple requirement, your mind is kind of forced open to think about your other possibilities.

Think about these places:


x in a bar

x in a hotel lobby

x in a rented studio space

x at your own home

x at your wedding venue

x in an art museum

x at a bowling alley

x your local pizza parlor


and those are just to name a few. Anything else that you might be able to dream up, we are here to make it happen!


Brittany and Andy chose to hold half of their session inside and the other half outside which we are always a big fan of. Arcade Legacy : Bar Edition’s owner Jesse was super chill about us using his space for the first part of their engagement session. Brittany and Andy opted for a more laid-back attire during their first photo op and then the second half they chose to dress up in some more festive, semi-formal wear.


More from the second half of their session on a later blog.


From doing a handful of alternative style engagement sessions we can confidently say that incorporating a type of activity or holding your session at a venue that is significant to you both can really add a level of importance, intimacy and comfort to your final images.

And I know, we are very biased but it really is something that you can feel when looking through the memories.



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