Cincinnati Wedding at Ault Park in Mt. Lookout

April 6, 2022

Stephanie + Corey 

on the lawn of Ault Park in Mt. Lookout

When I first met Stephanie and Corey at a session we did for them and their beautiful daughter, I knew they were going to be a couple I wanted to have in my corner. From their love of plants to their free-spirited take on life – I just thoroughly enjoyed their energy and being around them. Zach knew Stephanie from back in the day so there was a familiar note of nostalgia that seemed to pass over us as they both shared memories from their teenage days together working at Skyline.


Those nostalgic feelings rolled over into their wedding day as we had the opportunity to document another milestone in their beautiful lives together. Everything about their ceremony was so peaceful and calm. I thought that our in-depth relationship with them before their wedding day allotted to us feeling that way but that wasn’t it at all. As we looked back through the photos it was very apparent that the people they chose to be there with them on that lawn of Ault Park were there for a reason.


These two taught us something important that I really look forward to sharing with our future couples and it’s that simple and elegant can still be grand.


Chairs aren’t necessary (if Grandma can’t stand for long, grab a dining room chair on the way out the door.) Finding environmentally friendly streamers at Tj Maxx (off the clearance rack, might I add) create an element of texture and celebration that you and your closest people deserve. Someone else will grab a few bottles of champagne and pour glasses for a toast. Zach and I will be there with our cameras and the rest is kind of history.