For the Creative Wannabe by Jordan

For the Creative Wannabe by Jordan

May 14, 2020  |  Engagements

I was always a book person. I relied heavily on the facts and never tended to stray from doing what was expected of me. I did things as I was supposed to. I graduated, found a stable career, fell in love, got married to my literal soul mate and now I am here in this disheveled life and all I want to do is make something beautiful.

“It's tough, we constantly are looking for a 

way to express ourselves and as soon as we feel

inspired we are afraid that feeling of

inspiration will dissipate faster than it arrived”.

Not many of you know that I just recently decided to pick up a camera. Zach had been shooting for four years before I decided to join him in his photography journey. I started with just editing his photos and then I realized that there was something beautiful about watching his images come to life through the editing process. I craved a little more of that magic for myself so as you know, 2 years ago I started to photograph people.

But I am a creative wannabe. As much as I want to have that drive to create everyday, I just do not. So as creative wannabe’s do, we cherish the good days where we can let ourselves be free. We let loose and our creative mind gets to run wild. I chase the high that comes with this feeling. I sure do miss it when it is gone.

So please don’t feel too bad when you wake up exhausted. Too exhausted to make that Instagram post. Try to cut yourself a break when the right words just will not come together for that blog post. Remember that even though we love everything about what we do, this is still a job. We are allowed to take breaks. We are allowed to self-discover and we are allowed to evolve as artists while uncovering clues about ourselves.

I hope all of the ingenious imposters like myself feel a little less alone.

- J