Gone Are the Days that I Hang Up Your Wedding Gown

Gone Are the Days that I Hang Up Your Wedding Gown

December 19, 2019  |  Personal

I was listening to a podcast by a wonderful wedding photographer, Sara Monika who was explaining the transformation her life took over a 9 year span of time as she built her photography business. Building her business consisted of one thing that sang to me so fiercely, and that one thing was to truly photograph what mattered. No more time spent photographing your shoes that no one ever sees and more time spent photographing the moment that your mom sheds a tear when we she realizes how proud she is of the woman her daughter has become. That moment takes place in a split second and she felt like she was missing that moment by being preoccupied by what she felt social media was urging her to be.

I thought she was crazy. I couldn’t imagine not making a clients vision come true but I did understand. I connected with her passion for wanting to absorb every single second of emotion she possibly could. As a photographer, we have literally one shot to do that. Zach and I created Panzeca & Co. to be different in what it offered to clients. Our storytelling style is to be felt instead of seen and we want the reaction to the still moment captured to be something special. We will still grab those little details of your day but we will use those details to tell a bigger story.

Your shoes will be photographed on your feet as you dance with your partner. Maybe it’s a barefoot beach elopement so the sand between your toes suits your vision a little more. Your earrings will be documented as your best friends lips meet yours. When they kiss the nape of your neck I will make sure to take into consideration the lace trailing up your back. Your great-great grandmothers diamond wedding band is on your right ring finger so as you wipe a happy tear from your eye, a photograph is taken with the diamond in view. I know what you want because the relationship we built is personal. You and your partner have a unique outlook on the way you want to remember your wedding day and Zach and I cannot wait to hear about it.

Panzeca and Co. can provide you with the moments you truly want to remember all because we decided to not hang up your wedding gown.