How To Not Choose Your Bridal Party

April 29, 2022

How to not choose your bridal party.

carnegie center of columbia tuculum black and white image of bride and groom on the lawn

As we really try to practice what we preach, we know that your wedding days are yours. So as much as we want to tell you to do away with your bridal parties, we know that is not what everyone will want for their day.


If you do decide to keep with the tradition of having a bridal party here are a few alternative ways to honor your “I Do” Crew:


x ditch the expenses that come along with being the “bridal party” and take a mid-wedding planning vacay with your most important people.


x allow your bridal party to sit after walking the aisle for the ceremony.


x invite your bridal parties to express themselves through what they want to wear.


x embrace the uneven numbers within your friend groups. (don’t add someone in just for the sake of making it even)


x opt out of the large bridal party photos. We know that sounds like a wild idea but let your friends get back to the party that you are throwing! The candid moments you have with those important people throughout the day will be the ones you feel all the emotions with when looking back at the photos from your wedding day.


carnegie center of columbia tuculum black and white image of bride and groom on the lawn

I know, I know. We are diving into a touchy subject. A bridal party is one of those things that we tend to envision before we are even engaged. Clearly, that means these people that you are thinking about having as your bridal party are your utmost important people.


But. Hear us out.


Your wedding is about the two of you.


Over the years and through our own personal experience planning a wedding – choosing your bridal party can be one of those things that can become a little spot of tension from the start. Someone usually is offended that they weren’t given the title and “privilege” of maid-of-honor and to be really real, bridal parties get pricey. From the cute little “I can’t say I do, without you” gifts for all your people to the additional bouquets and boutonnieres you will need, it really does add up.


To sum it up, here are some quick things to consider when deciding how to choose or not choose your bridal party:


x your marriage isn’t about your friends.


x it can be tough deciding who is included and who is not.


x the additional cost.


x more opinions to consider.

We don’t know everything when it comes to the world of weddings. We do know that they are a time of great emotion, change and so much love. A trifecta of feelings that can get overwhelming very fast so having your network of people that can rely on and trust is beyond important. However, you decide to show those people in your life, love at the end of the day is all up to you. All we ask is you do not let tradition define what your wedding day looks like.