This is Us

Hello there, friend!

We are Jordan + Zach and are beyond glad that you have found us. 

jordan and zach panzeca hugging
photos by A. Morgan Photography

Our History.

This thing we call our business grew from the roots that we share for capturing emotion. We fell in love with the moments that we were able to relive through a picture. Especially our own wedding photos. When we were looking for our own wedding photographer, we excitedly put a deposit down on a photographer that was "highly recommended on the knot" and honestly we thought that was everything. As the wedding planning continued we really discovered what our values were. It was actually really cool. We both had this epiphany that us standing in front of a church with a couple hundred people wasn't us and then decided that's ok. 

It took a second though because as progressive as we thought we were - we really had no idea what else a wedding could look like. I think that's why we get so excited about educating our couples on the possibilities because they really are endless. 


So if you're wondering what happened to our "highly recommended on the knot" photographer - we broke our contract and lost our deposit, rightfully so. But i'v gotta say, it's now one of those moments I think we both look back on and are thankful for it because the experience we had with our own wedding photographer is why we do what we do. 

So, Why Us?

Together, we have 12 years of photography experience and 4 years niched down in the wedding world. So, why us? It's not like we've been in this space for decades long. No. But we choose to be people first. Which means you always get authenticity from us. We empower our couples to dream large and selfishly when it comes to their weddings. We remind you that this day does not have to be the most important day of your life but just one of many.

We may be a good fit, if:

  • You both value each other and are putting your wants and needs over what both of your parents, families, or friends want. We know it sounds harsh but... 
  • You both recognize that your day should not be stressful.
  • You want a photography team that understands each other on an intimate level. 
  • You don't want family photos to take hours.
  • The vision for your photos is emotional and timeless with an editorial edge.
  • You want your final collection of moments to tell the story of your day.

We make weird noises and cuss too damn much, but we know how to work the hell out of your wedding day so you have the most stunning memories. 

We promise that we are here to be more than just your photography team.

Welcome to the family!

We both know there are so many other photographers out there but if you found what you are looking for us and our work, search no further and click here to book with us!

Some moments from our own lives...