Newly Engaged

Newly Engaged

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you just got engaged! - hell yes, that is amazing and we are so thrilled for the both of you! 

now that you have successfully gushed over the moment, it is time to start thinking about what the two of you want for your day.

let us repeat that last little part.

start thinking about what the two of you want for your day.

your day is allowed to look like this...

Jillian and Austin had their fairly traditional style wedding at The Transept in OTR located in Downtown Cincinnati, OH.

or for you non-traditional lovers, it can look like this.

Dani and Jaja eloped in downtown Cincinnati, OH. at the local city hall. They opted for a more eclectic day. It was diverse from the designers they wore to the accessories they chose.

and if you really have no idea where to start - that is okay and that is exactly why we are here!

click right here and in no time we will be on the phone with you chatting all about the vision you have for your day.

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