The Process



A photo holds the ability to grab your attention and speak directly to your emotions. 

Photography, at its best, is a powerful language which allows us to tell a story.

Photography has the power to move us.

Okay so yeah, we are intimate wedding and elopement photographers that so happened to be married - but I promise we are so much more than that . We remember what you might have forgotten and we remind you to slow down but most importantly we always know where to tell you to put your hands. 

01. Inquire

We know your relationship is a love-fest + we  want to hear all about it. After we receive your inquiry, you will promptly receive an email back from us to set up a time to chat all about your vision

02. Signed & Sealed

Review your contract, pay your retainer and then wait for the magic to rain upon you. All of the business will be taken care of via email but our personal cells are always open to you for anything.

black and white image during an engagement session of engagement ring

03. All the Goods

Now it's time to plan your engagement session! All of those deets will be in your inbox about a week after your contract is signed. Keep an eye on not only your email but check your mailbox too - sending out care packages to our clients feeds our soul + shopping addiction lol.

04. Wedding Day Timeline

This is when we come together and put all those little pieces together so that your day makes sense and that it embodies what you both are as a couple. 

a lesbian couple popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate during their engagement session

05. Pop the Damn Champagne!

Its your wedding day! try your best to be as present as possible, as the day does seem to slip right through your fingers. 

Take a deep breath, we will see you both soon!

06. Welcome to the Family

We promise that you will wake up to a sneak peek from your wedding day and we also promise to keep in touch. You're stuck with us now. Welcome to the family. 

a lesbian couple about to kiss

We hope laying this out for you makes it all a little less intimidating.

If this was your sign to start planning your wedding - take a deep breath and click right here!