A Hotel Covington Anniversary Session | One Year Later

April 13, 2022

Anna-Marie + Joey

an anniversary session at Coppin's in Hotel Covington

Our couples that return to us and trust us once again to preserve special moments for them truly need to know that we are always so honored. Anna and Joey – you are no different. We still remember meeting you for coffee at Reality Tuesday where we thoroughly enjoyed learning about your work lives, animals and passions.


When we parted ways after our meeting, we weren’t necessarily confident you’d book with us. That might just be our natural defense mechanism as small business owners but when we received the notification you were ready to move forward with us – once again we were really moved by the trust placed in us.


And now here we are. A whole year later, cheersing to the two of you and your beautiful lives together. To many more brunches at Coppin’s in the future.


Much love to the both of you and all of our other couples celebrating their first anniversary this year!